Study Aid

Lent Study Aid

  1. Start this Lent Study on Ash Wednesday.
  1. Answer only one question a day – See this is very easy! :) This is also a very important step of the way this study builds you up. So, remember, ONLY ANSWER ONE question per day.
  1. You will want to use these resources. You don’t have to, but they will help.
    1. A reference Bible
    2. Biblical Maps – some Bibles come with these
    3. A concordance – Some Bibles will have these and may work just fine to start. But remember these will not be comprehensive.
    4. Bible Dictionary
  1. This daily (one question a day) study is a slow buildup as you figure out your study style and schedule. Remember to work on the Classic Spiritual Disciplines - Meditation, Contemplative Prayer, Study and Fasting.
  1. Each answer, from each day’s question will give you the skills to build up your spiritual disciplines for daily living.
  1. You will take Sundays off, because you will be getting your spiritual food at Church.
  1. The third week will start with extra meditative, contemplative, reflective and almost surely introspective questions. By now you should have a scheduled set time for your study.
  1. At this point in the middle of the 40 days Lent season, you can decide on which day you want to tackle the extra questions.
  1. Get a notebook and write down your answers. For instance: There are 11(yes eleven) answers to question 1 of week 3. You will find that at the end of this study; These lists, will become a POWERFUL WAR CHEST for you to face the world victoriously.
  1. Take time to spend on ONLY one question that you will answer each day. For instance: Week 3 question 3 will have 36 answers. These will be 36 guides/things you should be doing as a Christian.
  1. For the next two weeks, each day you will get such valuable tools to fight against anything and everything that Satan throws at you
  1. Printable PDF copy of each study and/or this instruction is available upon request.Contact us
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